Teaching Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Guitar Lessons

Lessons are held both online via Skype and/or on location in Oakland. Onsite lessons are also available by request.

In Beginner Lessons you will Learn:

  • The “anatomy” of the guitar
  • How to properly hold the guitar
  • The name of the notes for each string
  • Proper placement of fingers on fretboard for high quality sound
  • Techniques to develop finger coordination
  • Exercises to build finger strength
  • Practices to develop maximum finger stretch
  • How to use a pick properly and effectively
  • What it means to play in time and how
  • An introduction to Music Theory & why it is important to your playing
  • How to read tablature and music notation
  • Home practice tips and exercises

In Intermediate Lessons you will Learn:

  • How to read tablature and music notation
  • Music Theory Basics:  Cmajor Scale based
  • Formulas for chord construction
  • Finger picking
  • How to change chords in time
  • Moveable Chords and Shapes
  • Scales and how to use them
  • Map of the Fretboard

Masterclass for Advanced Guitar Players

One-on-One or Small Groups

A one time class where I teach you everything I know and give you the tools so that all you have to do from there is practice, practice, practice.

If you’ve been playing for years but still don’t understand how all the info from all the books you’ve read quite make sense, this is for you. I will show you how everything is relative and works together.

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