GW New Photo 1Hi, I am Gerit. Whether you’re interested in folk, blues, rock, classical, metal, or any number of other musical styles I can teach you. My method is great for beginners and intermediate players, as well as for seasoned players too. I offers a private one time seminar for those advanced students where I’ll give you all the tools that you need to fully understand the guitar and take your playing to the next level.

Being a self-taught musician who initially learned guitar by ear and many years later learned the theory behind what I was playing led me to understand why what I was playing sounded good. My personal learning approach led me to unique understanding of how the guitar works at it’s core and how everything is relative. I developed my teaching method, based on my distinct understanding, so others could learn faster and easier. With this knowledge and practice you will be playing and composing in no time. As my student you will have the opportunity to tap into my “musical genius” for your own guitar success.

My teaching method focuses on learning two main things: essential guitar mechanics and easy to use practical music theory.  I will teach you both how to build a strong guitar playing foundation through specific exercises and mechanical techniques to build finger strength, flexibility, and coordination. Each lesson builds upon the next.

When I teach the music theory I teach both your conscious and subconscious mind.  You will be given a lesson folder with materials breaking down the music theory.  During the lesson I work on the principle of “information overload”.  Over the series of lessons as the conscious mind gets overloaded the subconscious takes in all that I teach and later even the student is surprised when he or she realizes that they know more than they remembered via my method.

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